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Its Always Wine O'Clock

Widest online wine retailer in Uganda

W&W was founded in 2020 August in Uganda, as a wine & whiskey retailing platform. With access to +100 wine, whiskey, champagne varietals and brands, makes it the widest online wine retailer in Uganda.

Our mission is to simply guide you in exploring your love for wine through wine education and discovery.

As of 2021, your love and support has led us to offer;  Blind Wine Tastings, Food and wine pairings, Wine Subscriptions, Gift cards, Gift Packages, Cigars, Wine Club, Corporate tastings and other wine related events.

As you slowly get to understand your palates with each day that goes by, sipping wines every now and then. Its of great importance you have more wine and whiskey options to choose from.

Would you want to experiment your taste with wines from around the world? or maybe you are just curious which sweet wine/ Merlot is the best for you? At Wines and whiskeys we provide you that access, to over +100 premium wines and whiskeys to choose from, to taste, to gift your loved ones and indulge in your palettes deep desire.

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