What is the best wine in Uganda?

The best wine in Uganda varies from person to person depending on a number of factors: such as level of acidity, level of dryness or style of wine that your palette loves.

But never the less, with over 1500 types of wine available around the world These are our selections for the best wine in Uganda in no particular order. Including where you can buy the wines online and have them delivered.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet sauvignon is variety of black wine grape from the Bordeaux area of France, now grown throughout the world , a red wine made from the Cabernet Sauvignon grape.

The best cabernet sauvignon in Uganda is the Anakena Cabernet Sauvignon.

Anakena Cabernet Sauvignon has a rich palate packed with juicy fruit and a lingering finish. A full-bodied wine with bramble and plum characters. Ideal served with red meats, mature cheese, pasta with spicy sauces.

Naturally Sweet Red

The best sweet red wine in Uganda is the Condor Peak Natural Sweet Red from the Andean vineyards of Mendoza in Argentina. We feel like its the best sweet red wine in Uganda because of its smoother full body texture as compared to Robertson’s, Four cousins and the like but most importantly the refined fruity aromas and flavors from the high altitude Andean vineyards give it an edge .


Malbec (pronounced [mal. bɛk]) is a purple grape variety used in making red wine. The grapes tend to have an inky dark color and robust tannins, and are known as one of the six grapes allowed in the blend of red Bordeaux wine.

The best malbec wine in Uganda is the Coleccion Privada Malbec by Navarro Correas .


Chardonnay is a green-skinned grape variety used in the production of white wine. The variety originated in the Burgundy wine region of eastern France, but is now grown wherever wine is produced, from England to New Zealand.

The best chardonnay wine in Uganda is the Quereu Chardonnay

Its a pleasant chardonnay with tropical fruits aromas, mild sweetness, good acidity. Smooth and creamy with a touch of acidity

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon blanc is a green-skinned grape variety that originates from the Bordeaux region of France. The grape most likely gets its name from the French words sauvage and blanc due to its early origins as an indigenous grape in South West France.

The best sauvignon blanc in Uganda is Mud house Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

Beautifully aromatic notes of snow pea, nettles and guava provide the perfect introduction to a palate of melon, citrus and grapefruit flavours. Mouth-watering ripe acidity provides a wine of great balance and harmony. … The crisp grapefruit like acidity extends the palate to a long mouth-watering finish.


Rosé wine is a type of wine that incorporates some of the color from the grape skins, but not enough to qualify it as a red wine. It may be the oldest known type of wine, as it is the most straightforward to make with the skin contact method.

The best rose wine in Uganda is Pederberg Cellar Soft Smooth Rose

A bright pink salmon colour with hints of fresh berries, cherries and candy floss on the nose. The palate is fresh and sweet with a smooth finish. Enjoy on its own or pair with seafood or summer salad.

Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine is a wine with significant levels of carbon dioxide in it, making it fizzy. While the phrase commonly refers to champagne, EU countries legally reserve that term for products exclusively produced in the Champagne region of France.

The best sparkling wine in Uganda is JP Chenet Ice Edition Blanc Demi-Sec.

Aromas of white fruit, citrus fruit and notes of almond


Champagne is a French sparkling wine. Champagne is a white sparkling wine from Champagne.Many people use the term Champagne as a generic term for sparkling wine, but in the EU and some countries, it is illegal to label any product Champagne unless it came from the Champagne wine region of France and is produced under the rules of the appellation.

The best champagne in Uganda is Dom Perignon vintage (also a brand of Moet and Chandon luxury goods company LVMH) not only Uganda but top 5 best champagne, most expensive and also most luxurious in the World. Our alternative champagne suggestions GH Mumm and Veuve Cliquot

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