Jack Daniel and Woodford Reserve are two of the top-selling whiskey brands in the United States. They both hail from Tennessee, both are available in Uganda and they both have earned plenty of awards over the years—Jack Daniel even won the World Whiskey Distillery of the Year award at the 2018 International Wine & Spirits Competition. So, what exactly separates these two whiskeys? What makes Jack Daniel so special? And can we really tell if one whiskey is better than another, just by tasting it? Here’s everything you need to know about these two whiskey giants and how they compare to each other.

Jack Daniel Original no.7

Aged in new charred oak barrels for 6 years, Jack Daniel’s Original is bold with sweet notes of charred oak, vanilla, caramel, and light smoke that are smooth with hints of fruit. The most balanced of our three expressions, it’s best enjoyed straight-up or on ice. For a truly unique experience, try it in a Jack & Coke, made with fresh lime juice and cola. We recommend drinking Jack Daniel’s Original neat or over rocks (no ice). If you want to add some water to your bottle: While we don’t recommend using spring water (too many minerals), tap water works just fine. And remember: Always keep your whiskey sealed tight when not being served! Water from your refrigerator can contain minerals that can affect its taste.

Jack Daniel Fire

Jack Daniel’s comes in three flavors: Original, Fire, and Honey. While they’re all whiskey (made from at least 51% corn) with a high alcohol content (40-45% ABV), their taste varies significantly. The Original Jack Daniel’s is the one most people are familiar with; it has that signature smoky flavor that tastes like Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey. It has hints of caramel and vanilla undertones, but not too many—it can still get you drunk pretty quickly! The Fire flavor adds an additional oak element to its smokiness; we recommend you drink it neat or on ice.

Jack Daniel Honey

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Original, Jack Daniel’s Fire, and Jack Daniel’s Honey. Of these three variations, Jack Daniels Honey seems to be one of the most popular. Why do you think that is? It has everything to do with how sweet it tastes. This makes it an excellent addition to any cocktail recipe. These recipes are sure to please even your pickiest friends. They are perfect for occasions like backyard barbecues or holidays like Christmas or New Year’s Eve! Here are some ideas for using Jack Daniel’s Honey in your favorite cocktails

Woodford Reserve

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is made using a charcoal filtering process, while Woodford Reserve uses traditional copper pot stills. In addition to its signature smoothness, Jack Daniels has a noticeable flavor of vanilla as a result of aging in barrels that previously held charred American White Oak. Meanwhile, sweet flavors from aging in barrels that previously held maple syrup can be found in Woodford Reserve’s taste profile. Most experts agree that both bourbons are equally delicious, though each variety has its own unique characteristics. On which do you prefer? Share your thoughts below!

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