W&W partners with Rainbow B&G to gift your loved ones

Love You Plenty Package

Well well well…guess you have heard about wine and food pairing, this partnership brings you wine and gifts pairing options like no other. The team at www.winesandwhiskeys.co.ug has partnered up with Rainbows Bouquet to give the Ugandan masses access to great custom gifting options this valentines and for ANY special life celebrations; birthdays, house warming, corporate gifts, etc.

Yes, ladies you can now send more than just a pair of socks to surprise the special man (men) in your life this Valentine’s Day and other days.

And men, you can gift much better to gift the woman (women) in your life, without breaking the bank. Don’t worry, not breaking the bank doesn’t mean you are a Board member of SMAU.

Having lost most of our 2020 moments to a lockdown and some of us our loved ones (R.I.P to them), we have become more aware about the significance of each moment we spend with our loved ones that are with us, however little that time might be. Let’s celebrate each moment life has to offer, gift each other when and while we still can.

That being said click link below to check out and buy from the Valentine’s Day options available.


“We noticed a number of our clientele requested us for wine gifting options amongst other products you will see soon and having worked with the Rainbow Bouquets team before, it was a good match. I mean, who wouldn’t want the “Bouquet Whisperer” on their side ?”

“This is the first partnership as far as Gift Sets are concerned but we are looking for 1-2 more gift curating businesses that fit our DNA to work with in order to increase delivery options as each gift curator has something unique to offer.” said co-founder Eric Mutaawe

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